Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's So Shiny!

First, and most importantly, Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you're enjoying all your birthday snow!

One of our more interesting adventures!

I hope you all had a great Christmas yesterday!

We had a relaxing morning drinking coffee and exchanging presents. Tom got me some new running socks, knucks lights to combat the gloomy darkness, and a replacement for my slowly dying computer (among other things)!

As I was trying to download a program to help me move my files to the new computer, the old one staged a protest.

Brat. That's why you're being replaced.

Look how pretty my new computer is!

We're an all-Mac household now. I've been doing work things on our office computer (which is a Mac), so it's not too tricky for me to make the switch. Plus if I can't figure something out, Tom knows how to fix things.

Christmas afternoon/evening was spent visiting with Tom's family and eating a lot of delicious food. It was a fun day!

I had grand plans to get out for a run today. I have new socks to take for a spin! Unfortunately, my stomach has been feeling off all day, so the only thing I really accomplished was some serious running shoe online window shopping (I've got my eye on the Brooks Launch 2) and the dishes.

Tom and Buddy went for a run instead. I was jealous.

Fingers crossed that I'll be back to normal tomorrow so I don't feel quite so lazy.


  1. Congratulations on the new Mac Laptop!!! I'm jealous! I have 2 iPads and just a month ago moved from an android phone to the new iPhone 6s Plus and I love it! I would get rid of my PC and get an iMac if i could afford to!

    1. Thanks! I already had an iPhone so it's nice to have everything the same now. :)


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