Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year, New Hair, New Shoes!

Buddy was extra stressed out this morning. It's a really rough life. 

I got some end of the year bookkeeping done this morning and then I was off to get my hair cut. It's been driving me crazy for about a month, so I finally made an appointment. I like making hair stylists a little nervous by having them cut 7+ inches off my hair. I'm sure they've had people freak out before.

I may have gotten new shoe envy when Tom was looking at/ordering shoes the other day and ordered a pair of my own.

They were on sale! And my pink Wave Riders are just about at the end of their life anyway. I can validate new running shoe purchases all day long.

But seriously, look how pretty they are!

So pretty.

Somehow, Tom's shoes haven't made it here yet, even though he ordered his first and we ended up ordering them from the same site. Sad.

George, one of my Insta-friends (what I just decided to call my Instagram friends, is that a thing?) and fellow Nuun enthusiasts, decided to host a new years 100 days of fitness challenge and invited me to participate. The goal is to keep each other accountable and get at least 30 minutes of some kind of activity every day. Most days my training plan will easily have this under control, but it will help keep me from being a running couch potato.

He's also throwing in a few 30 day challenges as part of the bigger challenge. Our first 30 days will be a plank challenge, which will probably be good for me since I hate any and all core work.

Aaaaand Yoga Camp starts tomorrow too! I'm going to do all the things. It's totally going to work.


I hope you have a wonderful New Years (but not so wonderful that you don't feel good tomorrow)!

What are/were your New Years plans?

Do you make New Years resolutions?


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