Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ALL the Cookies!

It's impossible for me to walk past new Oreo flavors. I can't help myself.

These ones are really good - I like the cinnamon cookie - though I do question if it's really an Oreo if it isn't chocolate.

Tom made really amazing clam chowder for dinner last night.

I may have had more than one bowl.

My run on Tuesday was 6x400m repeats at 5k pace. Every repeat was into the wind and it was super cold out, but I did it. Apparently it took more out of my than I thought it did, because my run today was insanely slow. It was supposed to be an easy run day anyway, so I didn't push it, but I haven't run that slow in a long time.

Does anyone else lounge around after a run rather than actually showering and putting on clean clothes? That's not just me, right?

Yoga camp has been great this week (and the whole month, really)! It has been more mellow and less power yoga, which feels great and has helped improve my mood on more than one occasion.

Buddy hasn't been able to go running lately because the roads are covered in salt right now. He looks so sad every time I leave without him, but I don't want the salt to hurt his paws. I also don't want him to eat any of it. I periodically chase him around the yard instead, which he seems to accept as an alternative.

He's so cute.


  1. I spend at least an hour or two minimum sitting around after a workout. It just takes too much energy to shower... :)

  2. I lounge around after I run as long as I can. But sometimes I get cold and have to shower to warm up!

    1. That's usually what finally gets me to the shower!

  3. I lounge around after my run until the last possible moment when I have to head out or go to bed. After all that effort I put in to my run I deserve a lil break!

  4. I bought some work out clothes at TJ Maxx and loved them so much that I came online and ordered some more. I have Lululemon pants that don't hold up and are see thru for 10x the price, that can't hold a candle to these!


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