Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Buddy vs The Peanut Butter Jar

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I love when Buddy lays like this. Crazy frog legs.

He was following me all over the house and driving me crazy earlier. I gave him a peanut butter jar so he would get out from under my feet.

It worked.

So, I got another pair of fun tights. But, in my defense, they were free! Victoria's Secret was having a sale where if you bought a sports bra, you got a pair of workout pants for free! Plus, I actually needed a new sports bra. They're super comfy, and they're thicker than some of my other tights.

They apparently also glow in the dark.

I had to shift my runs around for the week so I could spend hours at the laundromat yesterday. I had put it off longer than usual, so everything took forever to dry. I can't wait until we have a washer and dryer again!

My post-laundry sock collection was pretty impressive.

These Balega socks are definitely my favorite running socks. Tom gets me new ones every Christmas. I have THESE and THESE. They're the best.

My run today was a kind of loose-y goose-y tempo run. It was only supposed to be 30 minutes, so I ran comfortably hard (such a runner term) for the middle 15 minutes. Aside from the headache I got from breathing the freezing air, it was a really nice run. As much as I always dread speed work, the more I do it, the better I feel about it.

Would you rather do speed work or run long? I will run all day long - just don't make me sprint!


  1. Balegas are my all-time fave. Seriously so good. The sprinter in me will say speedwork is more enjoyable. ONCE IT'S DONE!!! Haha! I dread it most though too.

    1. Right? Balegas are the best! I like speed work when I'm successful and feel strong afterwards. I just don't like the dying feeling when I'm doing it!

  2. Last weekend I accidentally binge-watched Walking Dead reruns. Your frog legs comment reminded me of the episode when Rick's group....well, they eat a pack of dogs.

    1. Haha I love that you "accidentally" binge-watched the Walking Dead! I'm about a season and a half behind.


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