Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day

My training plan called for 5k at race pace today. That didn't end up happening. Barely anything ended up happening. 

The snow started at 8am and pretty much hasn't stopped. If it were just snow, I probably would have gone out for a run, but the wind made that a little lot less appealing. 

Buddy and I ran around the yard this afternoon - we've gotten a lot more snow since I took these pictures. 

It seemed like a good day to try out one of the hot chocolates that Tom's parents gave us for Christmas.

We only had jumbo marshmallows from making s'mores this summer, so I tore one up to add to my mug.

I did today's yoga camp video and 3 minutes of planks (not all at once), but otherwise spent a lot of time playing on my computer and watching Harry Potter.

There are worse ways to spend a day.


  1. It looks very pretty! You're right...there are worst ways to spend a day! Sometimes it's nice just to kick back.

    1. It was extra pretty because the snow came on the weekend and I didn't have to go anywhere! :)

  2. We were stuck inside for the blizzard in Central PA too! I had planned a Harry Potter Movie Marathon, but ended up skipping HP 2, HP 3 and HP 4. Loved seeing Alan Rickman and got sad all over again :~(

    I have a hard time with the whole "5K at Race Pace" training, because for me a race is a race, and there is so much more excitement going into a race than into a training run!

    good job on the Yoga!

    1. Harry Potter and snow days just go together! It is sad to watch Alan Rickman now.

      You're right, races have so much more energy surrounding them, it's hard to run at that same pace during training. Practice makes progress though.


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