Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Buddy Thermostat

It's weird to have an alarm going off in the morning again. I have also gotten bad about going to bed at a reasonable hour. As much as I enjoyed having a break from work, it will be nice once I'm back in the routine. Plus I'm in training mode now too - I'm adding back all the routine at the same time.

I brought Buddy on my run today. He was psyched, but then drove me crazy the entire way back to the house.

For some reason, Buddy always gets really slow when we turn around to go home, no matter how long or how short our run is. I managed to trick him one time by taking a loop around a street he had never been on and he didn't seem to realize we were heading home. He's a weirdo.

We like to use him as our thermostat in the house. The warmer it gets, the more stretched out he lays. When he's cold, he curls up in a tiny ball and tucks his nose under his feet. But sometimes he's a little dramatic and inaccurate.

He is currently laying right next to the wood stove, which is burning furiously, like this:


I have nothing else terribly exciting to share today, so I'll just leave you with more cute Buddy pictures.


  1. That is hilarious about Buddy slowing down on the way home. And the loop solution--clever! You should try running past your house instead, or back and forth several times so he'll never know which time is going to be the last time before heading home.

    They're awesome at keeping us thinking outside the box.

    1. Running past the house is a good idea! I'll have to try to mix it up the next time I take him with me :)

  2. Our dog will go slower on the way home, too. It sounds like Buddy loves being your running buddy! Running buddy buddy, hehehe.


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