Friday, March 25, 2016

Being Smart and My Race Plan

So, first things first:

We'll see what happens on the 31st and then I'll figure out the plan for the fall.

I have been sticking to my extra stretching and taking it easy and my calf/shin situation seems to be much happier. I had a really good (though pretty slow) run on Thursday. I wore the shoes I wear for speed work and races because I know they don't bother my legs. It was a beautiful day and gave me a little mental boost. 

It was one of those runs that remind you why you run in the first place. It just made me happy!

It also made me feel like I'm not going to DNF at the race tomorrow, so there's that. 

I decided I am not going to worry about pace tomorrow. I'm going to run whatever pace feels good and see what happens. It's a race with a bunch of my friends and the weather is supposed to be great - I just want to enjoy it. Plus, it is too soon after an almost injury to kill myself at this race. I have other races coming up, and aggravating this mild injury could get in the way of the next few. 

See how smart I can be sometimes? 

The key word is sometimes. 

Now I have to find my tin of safety pins, figure out what I'm wearing and what time I need to set my alarm for.

Are you racing this weekend?


  1. This really is the best time of year to run. Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait for the recap!

    1. Thanks Wendy! It was a really fun race! :)

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Definitely smart to run by feel and hey, sometimes we surprise ourselves ya know?! And good luck on the MCM Lottery!

    1. Apparently you were right - it was a fun race and a new PR!


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