Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Borderline Injured

I have been taking it easy on running the last few days. My run on Monday was supposed to be 4 easy miles, but I started feeling a more painful than should be ignored sensation in my lower leg. I walked a bit and ended up with just under 2.5 miles. 

I spent some time with the foam roller and stick roller and have been living in compression socks since then. Tuesday I took a rest day and did some yoga. 

Adriene (my YouTube yoga friend) just posted a new Runner's Yoga video yesterday, so it was perfect timing. It's so good!

This afternoon I did a short yoga warm up before my run and managed 3 miles. I deliberately went slow and didn't go too far because at this point my goal is to keep things loose so hopefully I will be ready to run on Saturday. I even did a yoga cool down when I got home. 

I'm really nice to my body when I'm borderline injured. It's like when I think I'm getting sick I start eating really well and making sure I drink enough water.

Buddy says hi. Or at least he would if you were here and he wasn't sleeping.

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