Monday, March 7, 2016


I swear, the more free time I have, the worse I get with time management.

When I'm super busy I somehow manage to get tons of things done. When I only have work until 11am and have nothing else to schedule around, somehow I end up spending a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing.

Today was busy. I taught classes at two different schools instead of just one. I spent a ton of time in the car, but I also put gas in the car, did some grocery shopping, and somehow convinced myself to go for a run and do some yoga when I finally got home.

Other days I teach and then can barely get myself to run. I'm super productive.

Buddy and I spent a little time outside at lunch. It is warming up around here - it's supposed to hit 70 on Wednesday, which is probably going to feel weird.

I was running as the sun went down, which made for some pretty views. 

My run wasn't fast today, but after having to cut a run short last week, I'm just happy that I hit my mileage without much trouble.

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