Friday, April 29, 2016

Zero Week

I always have the best intentions when it comes to posting, but things have really gotten away from me lately.

I did spend the last two days on the couch with a sore throat and fever, but otherwise I don't have any good excuses.

Tom and I ran a trail race last weekend with a bunch of my Rivertown buddies. The Leatherman's Loop is a 10k (it's actually a little longer, but they say it's a 10k) that runs through wooded trails, mud flats, water crossings and sand hills. It is a lot of jumping over tree roots and making sure you don't trip on rocks.

Tom was a little undertrained, and I was still recovering from the Hook Half the weekend before, so we ran together. We did not have an amazing finish time, but it was a lot of fun! It would be nice to run when my legs are a little more well-rested.

The muddy shoe aftermath:

Photo Credit: Sue Chiarulli

In house news: I've been working away at the painting that needs to get done in the upstairs. I feel like it's taking me forever, but that's because when we painted the primer there were three of us working. 

This is the hall bathroom. There's going to be wainscoting on the bottom part of the wall and a shower enclosure around the tub, I'm not just incredibly lazy in my painting. 

I had plans to get the master bathroom painted this week too, but my body had other plans.

Buddy loves it when I'm sick. He gets extra couch time, even if he takes up half the couch.

I was feeling better this morning so we went for a (very) short walk. Buddy collapsed like we'd been running for miles when we got home. He's so dramatic.

My unplanned couch time led to an unplanned zero week when it comes to running. I haven't run a single mile since last weekend. I'm hoping to get some easy miles in this weekend, but we'll see how quickly my energy comes back to me. I don't have any races until June, so I'm not too worried about the lost mileage.


  1. Yuck. Sorry you were sick. It's probably the crazy weather. Both my kids came home from school with sore throats yesterday. Where'd spring go?

    1. We're getting those April showers late - it's supposed to rain all week! Hope the kids are feeling better!

  2. I hope you feel 100% again soon!

    I love that your dog hams it up for the sympathy points. He's very photogenic while doing it.

    1. Buddy is the master of looking pathetic. We like to joke that we could play some sad music and video him and people would think it was one of those ASPCA commercials.

  3. Sometimes zero weeks are absolutely necessary!

    Love that bathroom color! Painting is tedious....but exciting too because it's the home stretch!

    1. You're absolutely right, the painting does make things seem almost finished! Next step, flooring!

  4. I hope you are feeling better !!


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