Thursday, May 12, 2016


I went and got a massage today. There was a good deal through Groupon the other day and I figured it couldn't hurt what with my random injury. And, really, I'm not one to turn down a massage.

Apparently the right side of my hip was higher than the left, which might be causing some of my issues. Hopefully that means I'll be back out on the road again soon.

I sat down yesterday and sorted out my training plan for Steamtown this fall. I had been debating getting a coach for this training cycle, but decided to see how things go on my own. Mostly because I know myself and my tendency to not listen well when people tell me what to do - even if I'm asking them for their help.

I'm going to use the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 plan this year. I used Intermediate 1 last year and it worked out really well.

There's nothing more fun than harassing Buddy by taking pictures of him.

Silly dog.


  1. I hope that you've solved the issue and will get things under control with the hip imbalance. It's always exciting to start planning a training schedule for a race!

    1. Fingers crossed, but things seem to be improving. I was hoping to be in better shape for my half in June, but I still have some time to make up a little fitness.


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