Monday, June 13, 2016

Marathon Training Week 1

This training cycle really snuck up on me. Not being able to run much the last few weeks makes me feel a little underprepared, but I have 17 more weeks to get back up to speed.

The bold headings are what my training plan called for, the notes underneath are what actually happened. :)

Monday - cross training

I did an hour of yoga with Adriene videos. She's still my favorite YouTube yoga teacher. I swear I have actually tried some others, but Adriene just speaks my language. And she's hilarious.

Tuesday - 3 miles

It was HOT out. I'm finally starting to feel normal again, now I just need to get used to running in the heat and get my pace back. I also got in 20 minutes of yoga and some foam rolling.

3.01 miles @ 9:59 pace

Wednesday - 5 miles

Much cooler out, I actually ran in capris! It's my longest run in over a month, and I was just glad to be back to some decent mileage again. Plus I have to be running at least 5 miles to get to see this view on my run:

5.01 miles @ 10:15 pace

Thursday - 3 miles

My stride rate (cadence) is definitely down right now, and I feel slow, but at least I'm running. That's sort of my mantra for the week: at least I'm running.

3.02 miles @ 10:04 pace

Friday - Rest day

I'm so good at rest days. I took my fourth trip to the magician chiropractor and started a crafty project that I have already had to restart once. I may finish it in time for the holidays. Maybe.

Saturday - 5 mile pace run

I was actually excited to wake up early. I was out the door at 7 to meet up with the Rivertown Runners for a run on the trails of Rockefeller Preserve. I haven't been able to run with them for over a month, and I really missed them! I have no problem running on my own, but the miles always go by faster with friends.

I planned on seeing how things went and possibly taking a few shortcuts if I needed to, but I ended up sticking to our usual route. It was definitely tough, but it felt so good to get back to my normal routine.

6.87 miles @ 9:46 pace

Sunday - 10 miles

This just didn't happen. I helped Tom finish installing the hardwood floors upstairs (and by help I mean I moved things around and tried to stay out of the way). ;)

I'm not worried about missing this mileage because I have plenty of time to get up to speed. I would rather start this training cycle off easy and make sure I'm being smart about my running.

Weekly Mileage - 17.91

I've got to (re)start somewhere!


  1. Great training week! It's probably not the worst thing that you missed the one run since you are coming back from injury and you have a whole training cycle ahead to build mileage back up. I definitely agree that running with friends just makes the miles seem to go by much faster or at least more pleasurably than when I'm running on my own.

    1. Thanks Raquelita! I think you're right, the missed run was probably a good call, even though I hate missing runs!


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