Monday, June 20, 2016

Marathon Training Week 2

Monday - Cross Training

This week did not start off strong. Aside from teaching my classes, I didn't do anything. I did the laundry, does that count?

Tuesday - 3 miles

I quite intelligently went running at the hottest part of the day for some reason. I had a slow first mile, an average second mile and a decently quick third mile. It gave me some confidence that my pace will actually come back to me one of these days.

3.05 miles @ 9:35 pace

Wednesday - 5 miles

My body is being overly dramatic about the heat lately. It's not that hot out. It really isn't. There wasn't any wind out, which didn't help, but I felt like it was a hundred degrees outside during this run. I don't think it was even above 80 by the time I got out the door. Fingers crossed I adjust to the warmer weather soon!

5.01 miles @ 10:12 pace

Thursday - 3 miles

My achilles was feeling a little tender on Thursday, so I decided to swap my rest day to give it a break. Hopefully it's just whining a bit in response to my increasing mileage.

Friday - Rest day

I don't know why I run at noon so often. I'm a terrible planner. It was hot and I was whiny, but I got it done.

3.02 miles @ 10:03 pace

Saturday - 5 miles

The way my legs were feeling I decided not to meet up with my weekend running group. I know things are improving, but I also know I'm more likely to push the pace if I'm running with other people, and I really don't need to be doing that right now. I hate to miss my time with friends, especially since I won't be able to make it down there again until sometime in July, but I'm really trying to be smart about getting into this training cycle.

If I keep saying it, that makes it true, right?

5.02 miles @ 10:02 pace

Sunday - 11 miles 

I was up bright and early(ish) and listened to podcasts and trudged my way through my miles.

I really had to remind myself that it's more about the miles than the pace for a long run, and didn't look at my pace at all while I was running, which I think was good for my mental game.

11.11 miles @ 11:23 pace

Weekly Mileage - 27.24

I haven't had a week with mileage this good since March, which is insane.

I'm going to be traveling next week so we'll see what happens as far as my running goes.


  1. Glad that you are getting your miles in. It's been so hot here that if I don't get up before 7am then I miss my chance for a longer run!

  2. The plan is also great! Wow! Your level is improved quickly. At present, i am also improving my achievement. Now, i can run approximately 20 miles. ^^


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