Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Not Awesome Running and Baby Apples

I was going to say that I'm sorry I've been slacking with my posts lately, and tell you all the reasons I haven't gotten around to posting, but mostly I just haven't made the time.

Not being able to run also gave me less to talk about. I'm slowly but surely getting back out on the road, so hopefully I'll be back to my usual random chatter soon.

I have only made it out for a couple of short runs since my second chiropractor visit. We spent the long weekend at the lake house, and I was much too busy relaxing and spending time out on the water.

My running has been slow and not awesome. I don't know how much is lost fitness and how much is the fact that we've been having warm weather lately and I'm not used to it yet.

I'm registered for a half on the 12th, which I was hoping to at least be able to run as a training run even if I couldn't race it, but right now it's looking like it may be a DNS (did not start). Marathon training for Steamtown starts next week and I would rather not do something stupid right at the beginning of a training cycle.

Buddy wiped himself out cleaning out a peanut butter jar yesterday. It's a really rough life.

Our apple trees seem to be happy out in the yard.

We even have baby apples on some of them!

Time to hit the road and see if I can actually make it more than a couple of miles. It's really weird to not just be able to go out and run as much as I want.


  1. Get healthy. You'll be running more than you want to as training for steam town ramps up. Injuries force us to take it easy. If we aren't injured we don't do so good at the resting well unless we are just being lazy. lol.


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