Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It's possible that I'm finally adjusting to the heat. That, or I'm just getting some of my fitness back.

I didn't feel like driving to the gym just to run four miles, so I waited until it cooled off a bit before I dragged myself out the door. It wasn't an amazing run. I didn't want to just keep running. I wanted to be back home in the air conditioning.

But when I got home and checked out my stats, my stride rate was almost back to my pre-injury rate, and my pace was completely reasonable. The last mile was even under 9:00 pace, which I haven't seen in a while.

It's nice to finally feel like I'm seeing some progress!

Scout helped me stretch after my run. And by helped, I mean he took over half of my yoga mat. That's the same thing, right?

Buddy has an amazing amount of patience with Scout.

A seriously amazing amount of patience.

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