Monday, August 1, 2016

Marathon Training Week 8

I have been mentally all over the place with my training this week. It has ranged from extremely motivated to thinking it wouldn't be so bad if I just cancelled my hotel reservation and lost the race registration fee. I'm not even kidding.

Monday - Cross Training

As usual, I didn't do anything. I have the best intentions, but I just haven't managed to get any consistent cross training in this training cycle. I spent the afternoon at the laundromat instead.

Tuesday - 4 miles

My cadence is finally starting to pick up again. This was a really good run overall, and I actually had a sub-9:00 pace mile at the end. I haven't seen anything faster than 9:00 pace in a long time!

4.01 miles @ 9:38 pace

Wednesday - 8 miles

The weather was brutal, so I drove to the gym for my run. Since the treadmill at the gym automatically goes into cool down mode after an hour, I had to split my run up. Fortunately, my gym is never very busy, so no one cares if I hog a treadmill.

We're pretty sure Scout was stung by a bee (no one witnessed it), because his left eye was swollen almost all the way shut. He had a vet appointment the next morning, so we gave him a Benadryl and aside from the swelling, it didn't seem to bother him. It was better by the next afternoon.

8 miles @ 9:37 pace

Thursday - 4 miles

This was another treadmill run. Fairly uneventful, I believe I watched Food Network while I ran. Does anyone else do that? For some reason that is my go-to channel when I'm at the gym.

4 miles @ 9:29 pace

Friday - Rest Day

I'm so good at rest days.

Saturday - 8 miles

I did not want to run. At all. I was full of excuses and almost didn't go at all. I did manage to drag myself out the door for 6 miles, and of course it wasn't terrible once I was out there.

6 miles @ 9:57 pace

Sunday - 17 miles

It was supposed to rain pretty much all day, so I didn't bother waking up early to run. The humidity was ridiculous, but the rain held off until after I got home.

I felt stronger on this run than on my long run last week.

This was after getting to the top of a killer hill that I pretty much always have to walk part of. It's at mile 14 and it is over a mile long. It's kind of terrible. 

17.01 miles @ 11:41 pace

Weekly Mileage - 39.02 

And because I know you need more dog pictures: 


  1. I also had a very up and down week 8! I hope your week 9 is better! this is the first time I'm posting on your blog - what marathon are you running and how many more weeks have you got on your schedule?

    I don't run at all on the treadmill but I do find I need new routes this time around. I'm just so sick of the same 6 routes... so my week 8 was better in that respect - all four of my runs were actually not where I live!

    1. Hi Renee! I'm training for the Steamtown Marathon which is still about 10 weeks away. I had a brief period of injury earlier this year, so I'm doing a longer training plan than I would otherwise. I'm pretty good at zoning out on runs, I run the same areas most of the time, and it usually doesn't bother me at all! :)

      What are you race are you training for?


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