Monday, February 27, 2017

Indoor Cooking!

I haven't really been running the last week. Getting sick really wiped me out, and after teaching my classes in the mornings, I haven't had a lot of energy left for anything else.

I did get a decent run in on Saturday, and am planning on jumping back into my half marathon training this week. It's easy to say that on a Monday - those are cross training days.

I did yoga.

Scout looks enormous in every picture I take these days.

He and Buddy have been enjoying the freakishly warm weather we've been having lately. They love the sun!

And in house news, we can finally cook inside!

That's right, we're civilized now. ;)


  1. Nice!! You should do that Arnold's "I am BAKKKK..!!" :)

  2. I have a stove that I think I only use to make scrambled eggs :) I'm a toaster oven/microwave girl.
    Hope you're feeling better. I took a few steps forward but now seem to have a headache (sinus) that won't let up. But the congestion is finally gone and so is the wheezing and cough! Scout and Buddy look like they've been pals forever!


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