Saturday, April 29, 2017

Baby Trees!

You can't really see anything in this picture, but we got some new plants for the yard!

Our county had a seedling sale with native plants, so we decided to order some. Then we let them sit in the garage for a week after Tom picked them up...oops!

To add to the apple trees we planted last year (we have a honeycrisp, a red delicious and a granny smith) we added two baby pear trees today. 

Tom put tomato cages around the baby trees to keep Scout from playing with and/or destroying them.  Sticks are Scout's favorite thing in the yard.

The apple trees survived the winter and losing several limbs to Scout. They even have blossoms!

There are also baby eastern white pine trees which will one day form a wind break for the yard.

It's going to be a few years though, they're pretty tiny!

The dogs were sad they couldn't be outside while Tom mowed the lawn this afternoon, so they found the sunniest spot in the house to nap. Please ignore the piles of Scout hair on the floor. The second I vacuum it up it just comes right back. He's been shedding like crazy and I can't figure out how he's not completely hairless at this point. 


  1. That is awesome!! You will soon have your own fruit garden :). I happened to mark my calendar for the Jay Johnson webinar when you posted it. I used to do the leg swings for my first marathon before my runs and totally forgot about it until I saw it now. I have started to take core and strength training a little seriously and have been maintaining a daily streak with 15-30 mins. I have started following the novice marathon training plan from the Marathon Guide but I couldn't convince if I can complete it :) but trying to stick to the schedule so far. Haven't registered for any race yet. I will register once I get the double digit runs. Good luck with your training!!

    1. The key with marathon training plans is to only look at the week you're on. If you look ahead it gets way too overwhelming! You may need to just bite the bullet and register for a race to make sure you stick to the plan :)


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