Tuesday, May 23, 2017


So, we might have gotten another dog.

This is Batman.

Buddy, Scout, and Batman are still getting used to each other, but it's only been a couple of days.

Road trip to meet/pick up Batman

Batman is a good runner, and is very well trained. He already joined me for an easy 4 miles, and was completely unfazed.

I gave Scout and Buddy peanut butter jars to clean out while Batman went to the vet yesterday, Scout is a brat and stole Buddy's jar.

One of my girls decided to decorate me during Girls on the Run today. They were keeping track of their laps by putting tally marks on their hands, and somehow it turned into a game to decorate me after each lap.

I went to the grocery store like this. Fortunately, almost all of it washed off in the shower.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Random Thursday Thoughts

If I blogged half as often as I think about sitting down to write a post, you would be so sick of me.

We're having a freak week of summer this week. My car said it was 94 this afternoon, which I am definitely not ready for. Fortunately it is only supposed to be in the upper 70s tomorrow, so at least it isn't sticking around.

I signed up for Jay Johnson's semi-personal coaching for my fall marathon. I'm so determined to feel good about my race this year.

Unless I can't count (which is entirely possible), marathon training starts up next week! It feels really early to be starting, but my training plan is 20 weeks long, so it makes sense.

The pooches have been joining me for some long walks lately. They love it. Scout doesn't know what to do if I stop to let them take a break and I end up tangled in leashes.

He's also super helpful when I try to stretch.

This is the floor of what will eventually be the hall/guest bathroom. We've kind of been ignoring it for a while.

I decided to pretend I know what I'm doing and made a little progress last weekend.

I ran out of thinset, and needed a break, so I didn't get it finished. Once we get all the little squares filled in it will be ready for tile!

Let's not talk about the fact that we also have the area around the tub/shower to tile, or the fact that we haven't even started on the master bathroom floor...

Have you used Thredup? I have bought a few things from them, and today I sent in my first "cleanup bag." It's basically an online consignment store. It got a bunch of clothes out of the house and may bring in a few dollars. Feels like winning to me!
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