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My name is Becky, and I live in New York with my boyfriend and our dog, Buddy. I originally started this blog as a way for family and friends to follow along as my boyfriend and I took a road trip/moved from Kodiak, Alaska, to New York. It has since evolved into a place for me to talk about running, food, my dog, and other random things.

Growing up, I was never athletic. I was generally pretty happy to play video games and spend hours and hours on the internet (and still am a lot of the time).

In 8th grade, a teacher I never even had a class with started talking to me about joining the cross country team when I got into high school. I don’t even remember how Coach Weller convinced me, but that fall I got my mom to buy me some running shoes and I started going to cross country practice.

I wasn’t fast. In fact, I was usually one of the last people to cross the finish line. But Coach Weller was always positive and helped me focus on being my own competition and not worrying about other people.

I have run on and off ever since then but it wasn’t until I scored a couple of free training sessions at my gym a few years ago that I ran with any focus. My trainer pushed me to set a goal (my first half marathon) and since then I’ve run eight more halfs and a few 5k and 10k races. Check out my Race Results page!

Running is how I challenge myself; and I love how working out makes me feel strong and bad-ass. There’s something seriously awesome about being able to just lace up and run 13 miles because I feel like it. The only thing that feels better is when other people tell me that my running has inspired them to get off the couch!

I'm not breaking any records (other than my own), but I have a great time challenging myself to become a better runner!

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